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Welcome to Life is a Party, your ultimate online fashion retail destination on the Gold Coast! At Life is a Party, we believe every woman deserves to look and feel her best effortlessly. Our carefully curated collection of dresses, earrings, rings, bags, belts, phone cases, and headbands will elevate your style.


Life is a Party was born out of Josephine Dewe's genuine passion for empowering women in today's fast-paced world. After spending 15 years in public service, Josephine recognised the need to provide a convenient solution for busy women who want to dress for any event effortlessly. We understand that time is precious, so our online store offers a one-stop shop for all your styling needs.


As a dedicated Women of Influence member, Josephine Dewe is a Committee Member, contributing her talents and insights to foster a supportive and empowering environment. Her commitment to empowering women aligns perfectly with the values of Women of Influence, and she brings her passion and expertise to inspire and uplift others.


Josephine's journey with fibromyalgia has further fueled her determination to make a positive impact. Through her business, Life is a Party; she uses her platform to raise awareness and support for fibromyalgia, bringing attention to this condition and advocating for those affected. Her dedication to creating positive change extends beyond her business endeavours.


Josephine is supported by her partner, Craig Kadel, who shares her passion for community involvement and making a difference. Together, they are actively engaged in various initiatives on the Gold Coast, including sports clubs and community programs. They understand the importance of supporting local businesses and fostering a thriving economy.


Their shared commitment to giving back and making a positive impact is exemplified in their involvement with various charities and organisations. They embrace the spirit of Women of Influence, supporting causes such as local families in need, the Make-A-Wish Foundation, Radfly, the Cancer Council, Carers Foundation, International Women's Day, and the National Breast Cancer Foundation.


At Life is a Party, we invite you to join our community, explore your style, and embrace the joy of celebrating Life's special moments impeccably. Let's make every occasion on the Gold Coast an actual party together while supporting local businesses, empowering women, and making a lasting impact in our community.

About: About


Introducing the Life is a Party team, a group of passionate individuals dedicated to making your fashion experience extraordinary.


Josephine Dewe - Founder & Owner:

With her entrepreneurial spirit, Josephine is the driving force behind Life is a Party. Her vision and determination have brought the brand to life, empowering women to embrace their style effortlessly.


Kiel Wode - Photographer & Creative Director:

Kiel brings a wealth of experience as a photographer and creative director, adding depth and artistry to Life is a Party. Collaborating closely with Josephine, he brings her ideas to Life and captures the brand's essence through stunning imagery.


Jessica Sullivan - Model & Face of Life is a Party:

Jessica embodies the elegance and style that Life is a Party represents. As the face of the brand, she showcases our stunning outfits and inspires our customers to embrace their unique fashion journey.

Pearl Josarie - Content Creator & Customer Service Assistant:

Pearl adeptly juggles online order management, crafting captivating content, and delivering exceptional customer support to elevate your fashion journey.


At Life is a Party, we believe in the power of collaboration and synergy. We work closely as a team, leveraging our insights and experiences to solve problems and deliver exceptional results. Our shared commitment to creating a positive and supportive environment fosters a sense of camaraderie and fun, ensuring that our work is enjoyable for everyone involved.


Beyond our fashion endeavours, we actively give back to the community. Josephine and Kiel often collaborate on community initiatives, seeking ways to make a positive impact through our services. We embrace the mantra that if you're not having fun and enjoying your time with friends, it's a long time working together. This philosophy permeates everything we do, ensuring a memorable and enjoyable experience for all.


Together, the Life is a Party team is here to inspire and empower you on your fashion journey. Join us as we celebrate Life's memorable moments, embrace your style, and make a positive impact in our community.

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